Alex AllenCCTV Expert / United States

My projects
over the years

Nearly 20 years in CCTV from design, install, troubleshooting and selling. Successfully built monitoring station and sold to successfull nationwide monitoring company in Houston Tx. 25+ years with real world experience in the IT industry.

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Selected Projects

Installed in all industries with a variety of different types of equipment. As you will see in the following, thinking outside the box is my specialty.

35 Acres Property WiFi

Frankbuck Zoo, Gainesville Texas

Satellite Building Geovision Access Control

Osburn Contractors, Garland Texas

Custom Mount Inside / Out

Halls Buick, Tyler Texas

8 Floor Elevator Access Control

Jefferson Tower, Dallas Texas

Site Designs for Easy install for Technicians

Electrotech Industries, Houston Texas

Multiple Buildings with WiFi

Permianlide, Troy Texas